@Ford – Mark Fields – Mr. Hackett, I feel compelled to write to you to share the horrendous treatment I

Gary Giles sent a message to Mark Fields that said:

Mr. Hackett,

I feel compelled to write to you to share the horrendous treatment I experienced with your "concierge" service after a catastrophic tire failure as I was traveling on Interstate 379 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Although I am pleased that Lincoln did cover the cost of the tire that failed I am surprised that Lincoln did not cover the cost for all four tires considering I was advised (by your service employees) that mixing tires is not an accepted practice for both safety and car maintenance reasons and due to this I purchased the other three tires to ensure me and my passengers could travel across state in a safe vehicle. As a loyal customer of Lincoln for over 20 years and the purchaser of 8 Lincoln vehicles ranging from your Navigator to my most recently purchased Nautilus I would have expected Lincoln to replace all the tires on a newly purchased vehicle with only 1600 miles to honor your "Loyalty" promise.

I am not only disappointed about your failure to be loyal to me as a long term customer but the attitude of the Lincoln concierge I spoke with on Saturday (John) has angered me and made me reevaluate my loyalty to Lincoln. John's attitude toward me in a distressed condition considering my tire blew out travelling at high speed on an interstate, was not empathetic nor sympathetic to my experience or distress. John was not only disrespectful but informed me that the tire blow out was due to "normal" wear and tear; this was untenable considering the car had less than 2,000 miles on the speedometer. This is not the type of customer service I have ever experienced from Lincoln and I am certainly not happy to have had someone treat me without the due respect I, as a customer, deserve.

I also would like to point out the cost for replacing all four tires would cost Lincoln an additional $500 and I am baffled as to why Lincoln is "nickel and diming" me over $500 considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars I have spent with your organization over the past 20 years. I am completely baffled why you and Lincoln will not cover this cost to show your loyalty to me. I believe this loyalty is only working one way at the moment. I have shown my loyalty to Lincoln with the purchase a new Lincoln every three years which are fully serviced and returned to Haldeman Lincoln at the end of the contract term in an immaculate condition with the mileage always substantially less than that contracted too. To verify this please contact Haldeman Lincoln.

I trust that you will reconsider Lincoln's position to cover the cost of only one tire on a newly purchased Nautilus and reimburse me for cost of all four tires to show your loyalty promise is sincere.

I have kept this communication brief but would be happy to discuss the behavior of your employee John in greater detail. I can be reached at 610-868-9875. In ending, I would like to point out the great job Matt LaFrankie ,at Benson Lincoln in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, did at the dealership. Matt was a true professional.

Gary A. Giles
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