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To whom it may concern,

By the following letter of complaint, I would like to express my un-satisfaction with the treatment received by Ford.
As a lifelong customer, having purchased more than six Ford vehicles, I am appalled at my recent interaction with the company. I am the owner of a 2015 Ford Expedition with only 10,000 miles. Since purchasing the vehicle, all of the repairs and maintenance has been completed at Gus Machado Ford located at 1200 W 49th Street Hialeah Florida. This is not the first time this particular dealership is seen as unprofessional and unreliable. The dealership is full of horrible people who refused to provide proper documentation of my car’s history, as well as knowing the hole on the roof was caused by a mistake on their part during a TV installation.
This car has been in for repair over five times for water leaks, rubber pieces falling off, hole in the roof, shifter issues, and the most recent damage is it exploding in my driveway. I am a grandmother of five children. Those five children could have been injured in the explosion had they been in the car. I trust American cars and I believed in their sturdiness; however, after the past two weeks of going back and forth with dealers and case managers, I cannot say I have the same belief. Ford did absolutely nothing to help repair my car, they did not help a loyal customer. For as little as my case manager did for me, he might as well have been an automated machine. Ford has done nothing but give me a run around to benefit themselves.
Built Ford Tough? I think not. It seems to me that no one can explain why my car exploded in the driveway, even after having Palmetto Ford confirm it indeed had exploded. To my surprise after some online research, I see this has happened to multiple Ford customers, and all have gotten the same treatment. I will never recommend or purchase another Ford vehicle, and I am at loss for words of how the customer service department has handled my case. I expected more from the company, much more.

Bacilia Perez

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