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Mr. Frank J. Emkey
2606 Augusta Drive
Homestead, Florida 33035

Dear Mr. William Clay Ford Jr.

I have a 2010 Lincoln Town Car that is in nearly mint condition. This is my 3rd Lincoln Town Car. I was having problems with the automatic trunk opener. I also had the indicator on my dash that the tire pressure censer was not working. Also I wanted to have my front brake shoes checked.

I figured with a Ford product, especially with the trunk problem, take it to a Ford dealer. I took my car in 12/07/1917 to Lorenzo Ford in Homestead Florida. The address is 30725 S. Federal Highway. Homestead Florida 33030. The phone number is 866-370-8012. Finally, got it back 1/17/2018. The service advisor Alexis Laso said it would be about a week. I checked on the progress after the first week. I was told they had fixed the two other issues but was having problems with the automatic trunk opener and they would need more time. I checked after the second week and was told technician could not find the problem. For the sake of brevity I won’t bore you with every detail. I would check back every week and was deceived about what was going on. I come to find out later that after six weeks into the seventh week that no one had been working on my car because they gave me a price and the technician had to work on other cars so he could make money and they could not find the problem. So my car just sat there.

Finally, I went to the service manager to argue my case. He said he had an ace electrical technician he would put on my car. Into the seventh week they called and said my car was ready for pick up. When I picked my car up the service advisor demonstrated to me how it worked. When he was demonstrating to me how it now worked it sounded like a thrashing machine all the noise it made opening and closing.

To be as brief as possible, it worked for several weeks, all the time making all that noise. Also when I got my car out I noticed a gritty coating on my car, like over spray. Then after a few more weeks the trunk stopped working.

I waited a couple more months using the key to open and close my trunk. I was determined to get my trunk working properly, vowing never to take my car to that dealership again. Finally, I took my car to Firestone Complete Auto Care. They had my car two days and they fixed it properly. I learned that Lorenzo Ford replaced the wrong part (that was not the problem). They put in a new door lock striker when the problem was trunk lid latch that is located in the trunk lid was the problem.

Now I spent a total of $850.80 on the trunk only (invoice inclosed) got overspray on my car, and was without my car for nearly seven full weeks. They could have built me a new car in all that time. Then I had to spend another $537.25 to have it fixed properly. I went through a lot of grief during that seven weeks, especially being lied to through out the whole process.

And what makes it all so upsetting is that I am a retired Veteran on a limited income.


Frank J Emkey

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