@ford_de – Alan Mulally – I am assuming you receive thousands, if not more, emails a day…. I can't imagine

Allison Kendall sent a message to Alan Mulally that said:

I am assuming you receive thousands, if not more, emails a day.... I can't imagine how you could possibly read, let a lone answer all, if many, I know I may be writing this email to never be read, if anything, I am satisfied with the fact I reached out to you!

I have a problem with a suggested solution, if not a recommended recourse? I own a Mobile Cat & Dog Grooming Van that services the Cape Cod, MA region and areas of Plymouth. While I drive a Ram, it still seems to be holding up, dogs are happy as well as our clients. I love what I do! To the point I invested in a Mobile Grooming Trailer at a great cost as a backup. Being, I did not want to finance a truck as well, my significant other offered to trade in his truck, which he owned in full, for a better truck, well equipped to tow my trailer. We purchased both from Cape Cod Carz, Hyannis MA- Rick the Owner.

Long story short, the truck he financed has numerous issues, most of which being safety. We were told we could not look elsewhere buttheir own specific mechanic. Being the truck was finaced for over 20k, it was brought to Cape Cod Truck, Chatham MA, for repairs. It should be fixed correctly! Problem stands, the dealership requires the full amount owed paid to retain the truck, around 3,200...

My question and or suggestion is that, how would any citizen making poverty level, if not less, afford such an ammount off hand? There is no option of finace of even paying half down, I find it difficult to cover many bills some days let alone one that size. It is rare anyone collects and saves for car expenses only, and it is often many people lose their reliability to their lives, jobs and children due to the lack of choice, opportunity or money to pay for their vehicle.

His option is now to give up his truck, which he has paid diligently for, because there is no way to pay the dealership in full. I am writing to you, because my heart breaks to see someone that gave up the easy way, to strive for more, to accumulate more credit and purpose, to only have to give up in the end. Could you PLEASE, help us, with any suggestions of any sort of loan or financing Ford would offer to get his truck out. In turn, I promise to wash thousands of happy pets in the trailer we tow!

Everyone deserves a chance, it's our part to make these chances within reach!

Thank you SO very much for your time,

Allison Kendall
Spark The Bark Inc.
Owner/Head Groomer
774 212 0799

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