@ford_de – Alan Mulally – This is a email to Brian Moore Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights this evening. I?d

Ricky Giannetti sent a message to Alan Mulally that said:

This is a email to Brian Moore Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights this evening. I’d like to see Ford take more responsibility for a motor that’s failed at 70,000 miles.

Brian, thank you for all your help on my repairs. At this point I’m taking my case and complaints to corporate to try and get a better response to the offer I got from roadside assistance. You have been more the helpful and I appreciate you trying to work with me on this.

The issue I have is before you took over. I left repeated voice mails & emails, 2-3 a week, from July to November while my car was being disgnosed and I never got any serious replies until I contacted James Elder and complained. I spent over $2,000 in rental and I owe over $3,000 in miles on my father in laws leased vehicle. This $5,000 should of been spent on the repairs and 4 months for a diagnosis is absurd. Since 2012 I purchased several vehicles from your dealership through Nicole Elder, Joe Franzone, and others. Focus, Fusion, Flex, Expedition, F150 on 2 Occassions. In addition several vehicles were purchased through my other business partners at Giannetti Contra ting Corporation.

The flex fuel engine has been known to have problems. I maintained my vehicle regularly and changed my oil and rotated tires every 5,000 miles. Not a single issue was ever noticed. At around 70,000 I shouldnt be replacing a motor, especially one well cared for.

I tried contacting the individual who filed my claim for assistance and until today no one would talk to me. Today I was refused to be able to talk to someone higher up to discuss my unhappiness with their offer. Sine 1990 I have never driven any other vehicle other than an F150 and never had an issue like this. I’ve spoken with several mechanics I know who referred me to individuals who’ve had motor replaced as well. Based off what feedback I’ve gotten I feel like my case isnt being taken as serious.

I’m not looking for a freebie but at 70,000 miles or so this is hard to swallow especially after spending that kind of money while waiting 4 months for my vehicle to be disgnosed.

For the first time in 28 years I’m thinking of buying other than Ford for my future personal use and business based off the way this was handled previous to you stepping in and with roadside assistances treatment.

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