@FrankBlake – Frank Blake – Hello, My wife and I visited the Home Depot at Kingston Pike and Cedar Bluff

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My wife and I visited the Home Depot at Kingston Pike and Cedar Bluff in Knoxville, TN. It was our first trip out since February 26 (other than for groceries). We both wore masks to protect your employees and other customers. Unfortunately, many associates were not reciprocating. I talked to the person managing headcount count into the garden center. She said she "had a mask but wasn't wearing it". The young lady we checked out with was also not wearing a mask. When I asked her why she was not wearing a mask, she remarked that "yeah, it was probably only a matter of time". Are store employees still waiting for guidance and instruction?

HD was open during the entire time retail was closed in TN, so I would think HD would have had plenty of time to respond/react/implement and execute.

I'm disappointed in Home Depot. I know the masks are a departure from what we are accustomed to doing and that they can be "uncomfortable". That seems to be the most common refrain by most people. When will Home Depot make the wearing of a mask mandatory for all store associates to help keep us all safer? Plenty of customers did not have masks either. The HD associates should set the example for the community. HD should refuse service/entry to anyone not wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is not that hard and something as simple as a mask could save illness or worse.

Looking forward to hearing from you on what HD plans to do for all stores to help keep employees and customers as safe as we can be during these challenging times. Thanks.

Larry Drolet

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