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Mr. Layton
My name is Jaclyn Adams, and you all took over my loan two years ago when you bought the house at foreclosure. The foreclosure was overturned for many different reasons, but you all still service our loan. Last year after things were overturned I kept getting told by WF I wasn't able to make a payment until things were changed in court. So, even though the house was back to us it was almost 6 months before we were able to make our first payment. During that time I unexpectedly became pregnant and my health took a turn for the worse. Since I am a teacher and work 9 months, but get paid 12 months my check was cut from January till September. WF executive team called my 3/2/17 and told me I could finally make my payment, I had already been on bed rest and wasn't getting my income for a few months.....we were living on what we had saved due to finances. So, we played catch up all summer long and no matter what we did, it never seemed to help us get caught up. In November when I called to make my payment I was told I was put on a loan modification which I was not aware of. Long story short I made my trial payments, except my last one. January, February and March my check was docked between 800-500 each month. My whole family had caught both flu a and b, strep and a stomach bug. So, we missed my last payment due to being short on funds. My loan person and I played phone tag, and I missed the cutoff which put us in foreclosure. I filled out the paperwork for modification application and it was denied. I have been told it was denied due to my disability from last year making my home affordable, then I have been told they called Freddie Mac and it was denied on your end. I am not sure which it is but I am reaching out for help.
Yes, when I was on bedrest things...everything seemed unafforable but I am working. School is over in 2 days and I don't have to worry about my check being less as I do not need to miss anymore time at work. We have lived in our house for 14 years and we obviously are not wanting to go anywhere. We don't want to do bankruptcy as we ARE trying to get caught up on our bills and not get a bailout. I have contacted HUD and they only have help for renters in my county. I am not sure what else to do or where to turn, but I have been placed back in active foreclosure status with a sale date of June 14th.
I am a wife, mom of 3 boys and Kindergarten teacher trying to hold on to our life. I teach in the district we live in, we are trying everything we can to get back on track with our loan, but coming up with the reinstatement amount is impossible since we took out a 401k loan from my husband when we were trying to get caught up originally.
Please Sir, please give my family a chance to stay in our home. Our house is affordable and we CAN make the monthly payments....Please get back to us and let us try to make this right.
Jaclyn Adams

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