@gamestopcorp – Paul Raines – Hello My Name is Joseph Stockholder 36 shares of GME my concerns are the gamestop

JOSEPH SMOKER sent a message to Paul Raines that said:

Hello My Name is Joseph Stockholder 36 shares of GME my concerns are the gamestop empylees im watch videos on youtube of all the staff of the shore fronts selling off ps5 with fake name and phone # across all stores need checking out when the store empylee's bought up all the ps5 on a wednesday the day before the launch date of september 16th and store of game stop teling everyone to come in on Thursday the 17th 2020 and when you go into the store and be told that they sold out becuse the emplyee's bouy them up and there friends and familys. thats not what bothers me it is that they are selling on ebay as a price gouging i see on listing of $800-$1000 but there was a give away with a game stop receipt and so many others are doing this from disrict managers to shift leaders and floor staff this is something as a shareholder makes me sick to my stomach so please have theCEO and Board of directors look in to this. The general public is upset with the matter if this does not get fixed you need to have a better way to track your pre orders better and not just by name and phone number all pre orders need to be done by DL or ID Drivers licence or state Identification card to be able to get a ps5 or xbox systems and no store empylee should be able to buy from the store during a pre order system launch so please check you stores inventore on both ps5/xbox sytems for cheats at your stores you might have to do some MAJOR HOUSE CLEANING . OF( D M) ( F L) Thank You for your time on this matter and the Board of Directors also i well be looking for a responce you the boards progress in a email back to me as a shareholder of this company [GME] i would like to say it was a honor to address the CEO and board of Directors

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