@gamestopcorp – Paul Raines – Hello my name is LaToya Rose. The reason for this email is to ask for

LaToya Rose sent a message to Paul Raines that said:

Hello my name is LaToya Rose. The reason for this email is to ask for some help in resolving the situation concerning a pre-order that I'm suppose to have with gamestop. When they did the second wave of pre-orders for the PS5 Myself and my husband waited outside from 10:00 p.m. that night until they opened at 12 when they opened. The store manager said he had 5 slots available and we were the second place in line suppose to be guaranteed a spot. After he let us in the store to pre-order the system his system glitched out. He called everyone one he could as well as sent out emails to corporate and they haven't done anything for us 5 people who was suppose to have pre-orders. They just keep telling him they don't know what can be done concerning this situation. This situation should be rectified because we are your loyal customers and I have been a pro-member since they started that. Not to mention I have pre-oredered every system that y'all have had. I'm just asking for some kind of help because we deserve it. Even though I had just gotten out of the hospital a couple of days before I still managed to sit out there to secure a spot. The manager at the gamestop on 9415 Mesa Dr. B Houston, Tx. 77028 has done everything that he knows and still can't get any answers. He has been helpful as he can, but when the head is not giving him any answers he doesn't know what to tell us. Please can you help in this matter because time is running out.

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