@gamestopcorp – Paul Raines – Im am so taken back by the employees unfairness and degrading ways that your gamestop

Rene Duran sent a message to Paul Raines that said:

Im am so taken back by the employees unfairness and degrading ways that your gamestop employees are trained to handle customers service issues that represent the face of your company .My Purchase was made on 8/10/2018 around 6:45 pm or so at the Gamestop addressed at 3472 East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90063 . I purchased a black PS4 Controller New for my son .He opened it and it didn't work right or from the looks and condition of controller it seemed to have been used and not New as i was told it was when purchased from store . So because of items condition my husband went out to best buy to buy my son another controller from there . So i called today 8/11/2018 to the store where purchased from at 6:29 pm and ask for person in charge a male employee was very unprofessional in how he spoke and handled my issue with purchase and was asked very personal questions that he stated he needed to ask before he could say if i could bring controller back for exchange for my money i payed for controller.He wouldn't give me his name after several attempts in asking for it .I felt violated and harassment and discriminated against by employees actions .I have much more to adress about the things thats were ask of me and my reason's and answers to the unprofessional questioned ask of me relating to a simple issue on me getting my money back for item that i payed in cash and sold to me as new and didn't work .Im so unhappy and as a customer feel cheated and offended by the way this person took care of the pepole who keep your stores in business in first place .Very Bad customer service from that person in charge of your company. Some commutation in service and violations of employees code of conduct in customer service should be given for matter adressed here. I wait to hear from you if not im taking this to the BBB and to civil court if issue isnt taken care of by corporate. Thank you and in no way is this against you personally but please do your part in making up for bad customer experience i had to indure from one of your stores managers in charge over phone call we had on matter .

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