Gary Loveman – Dear Sir, My name is Chad Ramsey and I am currently one of your employees

Chad Ramsey sent a message to Gary Loveman that said:

Dear Sir,

My name is Chad Ramsey and I am currently one of your employees with Caesars entertainment. I am writing this letter to express my non consent for the masks and now the COVID tests, that you are requiring all employees to wear and complete. Please show me the science that shows the masks and tests are reliable, accurate, and will keep me safe from COVID 19.

I am fearing for a safe and healthful work environment for myself and the guests who are visiting our hotel. I have trouble breathing in the masks and get anxiety when I do so. My religious beliefs also prevent me from wearing the masks and taking the COVID tests, as well as wearing any contact tracing devices. I am prepared to file a complaint with OSHA regarding the unsafe working environment. The COVID tests are known to be unreliable and inaccurate, and the masks do not protect the wearer from COVID.

If I need to pursue other legal ways of protecting myself from an unsafe and unhealthful work environment, I will do so. I would like to remind you that requiring the masks is only a guidance. It is not a law. However, I am more than willing to get daily temperature checks, as well as a letter from a doctor, stating that I am healthy and ok to work. I can do this whenever you require employees to be tested. Your timely response in this matter would be appreciated.

I am leaving multiple links showing the masks and tests are unreliable and unsafe. I also will be leaving links showing my rights that protect me. Thank you.

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