Gary Loveman – Dear Tony, I am a Diamond Plus level player who a while back received your

Michele Smith sent a message to Gary Loveman that said:

Dear Tony, I am a Diamond Plus level player who a while back received your May 7th email entitled "Important changes to your Caesars rewards status". I understood from this email that my current Diamond Plus status AND its concurrent benefits will continue through Jan.31, 2022. However, when trying to confirm that I did NOT have to earn 20,000 points by years end, the three separate employees I contacted all had to put me on hold or get back to me about this. The consensus seemed to be however, that I still had to earn the requisite points in 2020 (20,000 TC for Diamond Plus) to have access to the Laurel Lounges in 2021. I was incredulous when I heard this. So, then what is the point of this announcement saying you have extended benefits when you really have not? I feel like we have all been tricked. If this is the case, I am truly disappointed as I am a regular player and my husband and I stay at your properties in Las Vegas every year. I feel like this is misleading advertising and it will be truly difficult for me to reach 20,000 TC this year. In addition, I read your email several times, and there was no fine print about Laurel Lounge access exceptions. I would appreciate someone getting back to me about this and it would also help if there was some type of communication sent to all of your employees regarding this policy, as there seems to be no clear understanding. Thank you, Michele Smith
P.S. I will provide my player card number upon request.

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