Gary Loveman – I live 3 hours away from a Caesar's casino. So I played on line figuring

Diane Dixon sent a message to Gary Loveman that said:

I live 3 hours away from a Caesar's casino. So I played on line figuring I was getting Caesars credits.
No-- PLaytika does not qualify -- which really sucks!
It took me 2 1/2 yrs to find that out!!
Only Caesars credits I was earning was using my
debit card for purchases playing that game --
through Harrah's Visa (Comenity credit card).
Unfortunately that system sucks!! You pay with
your Harrahs comenity credit card and it won't give you the points you paid for. It fails alot!!
But they charge you - and no points later.
My reg debit card went thru fine! But the Comenity
Harrah's card just spun -- so last Oct 30--Nov1
I got charged $300 for no points as I kept trying to
use it - finally debit card was accepted. I contacted PLayticka and Comenity Bank to get a refund.
Nothing ever happened! I got screwed for $300.
I think Caesar's should have their own play on line games so we can earn our own points all the time.
Not this Playticka crap that doesn't count toward anything at all - no VIP or tier points or anything! It is just a waste of money! Here I thought I was earning big points to go to a Caesars place and found out Playtika doesn't do a damn thing for points!
Please let us play directly on line with Caesars!!
Like I said Harrah's is about 3 hr drive one way from my house!! You are missing out on alot of direct money not letting people play on line and earning real Caesar's reward points!

After I learned that I wasn't getting any Caesar's points I was like "What the hell am I giving money away playing on line for! " So I started going to the
Indian casino 1 hr 15 minutes away!
Please let us play on line and earn reward and tier credits!!


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