@gary_kelly – Gary Kelly – Hello, On September 19th, I booked a vacation package online to Riviera Maya, Cancun. I

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Hello, On September 19th, I booked a vacation package online to Riviera Maya, Cancun. I am very upset, angry and concerned because just 7 days from my trip, I am just learning that my airline reservations were not booked for the departure date that I originally picked (10/28/2018). Some how my flight is scheduled for 12/28/2018. I have the original confirmation email and it shows my flight date of 10/28/2018. I have been calling Southwest Vacations since Sunday the 21st to try to straighten this out. When I called on Sunday I as told that no one could help me and that someone would call me Monday to help. I never received the call, so I called and spoke with Ebony who was and has been very helpful. She stated that she could not make the adjustment on the flight and that she need to call Southwest air to correct the error. She never got to speak with anyone and so she sent an urgent email. Although Ebony has sent several emails to Southwest air and has kept me updated with the status as of today 10/23/2018, the problem has not been resolved. I am 4 days away from when I am suppose to leave for my trip and I do not have a flight scheduled for my husband and myself. I called back today to try to speak with Ebony for an update since I did not hear from her since 12pm, but got Karen. She called Southwest and was told that the person that needed to make the adjustment was gone for the day and that I needed to wait until tomorrow for a resolution. I think this is unacceptable and terrible customer service. I have booked several vacation packages with Southwest Vacations and have always been satisfied with the service until now. I feel like I am being brushed off. I have waited all year for a vacation and now I am skeptical that I will be able to go. Is there someone who can help resolved this problem immediately, please.
Evelyn Heckstall

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