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@gary_kelly – Gary Kelly – I am not in LUV with Southwest LUV Vouchers. I have a total of $600

Charlotte Kay Palmer sent a message to Gary Kelly that said:

I am not in LUV with Southwest LUV Vouchers. I have a total of $600 of LUV Vouchers from 2/10/19, they have been extended once but tried using them in March than the pandemic hit so was unable to book our trip to the Caribbean. Tried again this week still unable to book a flight, is it because of our age? Call SW Customer Service they said they were unable to extend again....REALLY, it wasn't by any fault of mine that we couldn't use them in March. All I wanted was another extension so we could do our dream trip to the Caribbean, that's all I asked. Still could not be extended again. I love flying SW but at this point I am so flustrated that we are going to losing $600 worth of travel that I don't know that SW will be in our travel future.

Good morning, Charlotte. I'm sorry to learn that you were unable to use your vouchers before they expired. However, I'm happy to hear our Agent was able to make an exception by offering a six month extension for you. It's important to note that the extension we offered to you is an exception to our normal policies and procedures. Once we offer an exception, we are unable to make an additional exception to the exception. I truly apologize for your disappointment. Although we are unable to meet your request for a second extension, we truly value your patronage and would love to have you onboard again soon. -Kolby

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