@gary_kelly – Gary Kelly – I?m reaching out to you in reference to a very important mess up by your

Debra L Rupley sent a message to Gary Kelly that said:

I’m reaching out to you in reference to a very important mess up by your airline on the departure of my daughter and her new husband they were married Aug 11 2018 heading to ft Lauder dale to board a cruise ship to begin their honeymoon and there new life as husband and wife a very important life event . As you are aware cruise ships are difficult to communicate with your airline lost one of the most important pieces of luggage mind you there were 4 . The one in question was her new husbands contacts and glasses other items but these two were the most important he cannot see without them. I’ve spent the last 3 days talking with numerous employees that didn’t know what they could or could not do . The ship was in port for several hours still no bag next opportunity was in the Bahamas then no other port after that for The luggage to get there . It’s their honeymoon for gods sake the man can’t see was no way to get a script with new eye wear or contacts . Your baggage people all not trained the same I myself asked for updates called the Bahamas on my dime and spent since Sunday trying to get answers since I cannot communicate with the ship or them . Your own staff told me they couldn’t email the cruise line which is untrue . A wedding is the biggest day in a persons life she’s my youngest the day was perfect till this incident . Something needs to be done . So I expect a response and a resolution . So disappointed in the staff and this awful experience for my daughters honeymoon she put so much into this and I get things happen the clothes missing is not the issue it’s the eyewear contacts and all the time now I’ve put in and those kids should be having the time of their life .
Thank you in advance
Debra L Rupley
Flight involved was 4475
I would hope as a CEO you will have compassion

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