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Hello, I am a 100% Disabled Veteran employable. I worked for GDLS in IRAQ in 2009 as a Supply Representative / Production Control Clerk with the PA National Guard 56th Brigade. I was the only PCC working a 24hr on-call shift while attached to the 2/104th Cavalry. During the2009 IRAQ operations with the 56th Brigade, the Calvary's performance was rated as one of the highest successful performances especially for the 1st National Guard Unit to deploy the Strykers. My performance as a Supply Representative was challenging as well as a success before my departure. In 2008, I volunteered to join the US Army and GDLS' mission and efforts in IRAQ as a contractor. I have been applying to re-join the GD team in Philadelphia,PA with GDIT w/o success. I feel and believe I I have the background and experience to be successful in one of your open vacancies as a Logistics Analyst or Warehouse Technician. I am originally from Philadelphia, PA. with family Chldren and Elderly Mother) and support in the surrounding areas. I feel and believe an opportunity to re-join the GD team would prove to be a mutually beneficial experience. Please review my skills, experiences, and background for yourself to see if one of your vacancies would be a good fit for GD and myself at your Philadelphia, PA. location. I am currently Registered for 2 courses available to Veterans thru Syracuse University for Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management training. Thank you in advance. I hope to hear from you soon.

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