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Elaine Guidry sent a message to Jeffrey Immelt that said:

Dear Mr. Culp:

I need your help in resolving a claim against the company GE uses to deliver and install appliances in the Raleigh, North Carolina Area, Forward Air/Forward Final Mile.

I purchased the dishwasher directly from GE, to replace the old one for which parts were no longer available. GE Customer Relations arranged a discount for the new dishwasher, and said I would get it delivered from Forward Air, the only people GE deals with in this area for delivery and installation.

This company delivered a dishwasher to me, removed the old dishwasher and installed the new one August 12, 2020.

When the dishwasher door did not close properly a couple of weeks ago, I called GE and your service technician discovered that the dishwasher was improperly instlalled, holes not prer-drilled and the cabinets left and right of the dishwasher damaged. The dishwasher also sustained damage that was not noticeable without close scrutiny which your service man did. He sasid whoever installed it should not be an installer,.

Your technician noted that the holes were not prre drilled which split the cabinets, glue was applied and the cabinets split further. We also discovered that the screws used were those for drilling into steel, so they also split the cabinets, and the glue is causing the cabinets to continue to split.

My claim with Sedgwick went to Forward Air, who are saying their installer didn't do the damage. However, Forward Air installers are the only people who have touched my cabinets, as they removed the old dishwasher and installed this new on on August 12, 2020.

I am asking your intervention to resolve this. I have to replace the cabinets, have my granite removed to do so, have a plumber for before and after the granite is removed. I will be without my kitchen for more than 2 days. And I have had to pay for this work ahead of time. It is costly. And if the granite is damaged during removal and installation, that will be an additional expense.

Meanwhile, the dishwasher has stopped working altogether, my circuit breaker to dishwasher and garbage disposal is disconnected. So I can't use the garbage disposal either.

I am not asking for more or less, only that the damages incurred with the dishwahser installation and cost of new granite if it comes to that. Which I hope that does not happen.

My home is a new build, and in pristine condition by an excellent builder.

Please reply to me. My address is above, and my

Elaine Guidry

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