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Mary LaManna-Ulrich, Esq. sent a message to Jeffrey Immelt that said:

Re: Complainant: Elizabeth Primiano
GE Appliances Incident [Incident: 190307-006238] Appliance at issue: GE Profile stove

Dear Mr. Culp,
I am writing on behalf of Elizabeth Primiano, who had her GE profile gas stove explode in her kitchen. The Massapequa fire department responded and put out the fire and confirmed that the fire was not the fault of the home’s electrical system, but instead was due to a malfunction of the stove itself.
The first call Ms. Primiano made to GE regarding this matter was made while the Massapequa Fire Department was at her home and they can verify the damage to the unit. The stove was destroyed beyond repair, and resulted in damage to the home. However, your service technician who inspected the unit advised it was repairable and stated so in a report. This contradicts what he verbally told Ms. Primiano. Ms. Primiano had subsequent conversations with your customer service department, and was only offered a one year warranty on her new GE stove, which comes with a one year warranty. I would assume that you would agree that in all likelihood GE expects that their new units will function properly for at least one year, hopefully much longer, so whether she purchased a one year guaranty or GE provided one, she was likely covered merely by purchasing the new unit. However, this was not an expense she was seeking to incur, nor was she seeking to have the unit explode in her home to the shock and fright of her and her children. Appliances are not expected to operate in the manner this one did.
GE sent an inspector to inspect the unit who found the unit repairable. Given the explosion and resulting damage, which I would assume included burned and melted wiring and other parts reusing this unit is not a viable option. Most people, I would imagine including yourself, if this happened to, would not want to risk reusing the unit, “fixed” or otherwise. And as such, Ms. Primiano sought a new one. And in good faith, she chose another GE model. The fact that GE instead offered only a one year warranty is not a sign of good faith on GE’s part.
I am therefore writing to ask that you reimburse her for the cost of the unit given its malfunction and fire and Ms. Primiano will agree not to seek further action against your company for any resulting damage to her home or emotional distress to her children, and instead will write a positive review on facebook and any other social media you request. I thank you for your consideration.


Mary LaManna-Ulrich

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