Glenn My wife was rear-ended by one of your insured customers do to no – Glenn M Renwick email address

Dietzen sent a message to Glenn M. Renwick – Chief Executive Officer and President of Progressive Corporation – Email Address that said:

My wife was rear-ended by one of your insured customers do to no response from your company in the 4 days after the accident we opted to pursue repairs through our insurance and paid for the rental car out of pocket. I opted for the cheapest 7 passenger vehicle possible and due to the extent of the damaged caused our car was in the shop for about 30 days. I had State Farm send in the bill for the rental on 6-13-16 to try and get reimbursed. I spoke to Megan today to see what was going on and was told that your company is behind and it could take up to another two weeks until it is decided whether or not you will pay part or anyone of the bill. This seems absurd to me that I had to get a rental on my home (I did not receive any contact from Progressive until a 1 1/2 weeks after the accident and now you are dragging out the reimbursement process for money I spent out of my pocket due to the slow response time. I am less then impressed with your company and its customer service, accidents are bad enough without the added inconvenience of slow to react companies with poor customer service. At this point I feel that I made the right decision going with State Farm for my insurance needs and would have a very hard time recommending your company to anyone that is inquiring about good insurance companies. I hope this email finds you and you use this as a teaching tool to help your company better serve people. In this day of social media and bandwagon mentality it does not take much to ruin a companies reputation and hurt its revenue... customer service is a must to maintain business in todays market. Thanks for your time, Dietzen

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