@goavisbudget – Ronald L Nelson – I just received an email response to the concern I expressed below. The response from

Dr. Arthur Newbrough sent a message to Ronald L Nelson that said:

I just received an email response to the concern I expressed below. The response from the Email Customer Service Representative, Mario Mo, did not, in any way, acknowledge or address my situation, or presented solution request.

I am sharing this with you with the hope that your could understand the folly of your company's response to my situation, and provide me an opportunity to unselect an insurance option (that I did not request) without a significant penalty.
Thank you in advance for reviewing my concern.


RE: Budget Confirmation #19797475US5

I booked two Budget vans on 10/18/18 Through Costco Travel. The rental price for the confirmation of concern was/is $327.39, which is documented on my Costco car rental receipt. When verifying my reservation with Budget the other day, I was informed that the rental price of my reservation was $614.74. After speaking with numerous Budget and Costo car rental representatives, I ultimately learned that a mandatory insurance coverage had been added to my reservation. Imagine my surprise to learn of this “REQUIREMENT” when I have rented many Budget vehicles over the years (including my second reservation made on the same day as the first, for the same location as the first – reservation #19753176US2) without asking for insurance coverage when renting a car, or when setting up my Fastbreak profile. Finally, yesterday after speaking with my fifth or sixth Budget representative, I was told I could remove the insurance coverage item in my profile, “which would take care of my problem.” Today, I received an email stating that my profile had been updated by removing the “Optional Protections/Coverages.” The email also encouraged me to contact Budget to update my reservation(s).
Imagine my surprise again when I called to remove the insurance option from my reservation and was told my new rental cost would be approximately four-times greater than my original quote… FOR REMOVING A $215 OPTION FROM MY AGREEMENT… that I had not requested.

This experience so far, clearly reflects that I am being punished for being a Budget fastbreak member. If I weren’t a member, I would not have had any of these difficulties, and would be enjoying reasonable pricing and supportive representatives.

Because this reservation is two and one-half months away, was made five and one-half months ago in good faith, by a long-time Budget fastbreak member, I am simply requesting that the insurance “Option” be removed from my reservation without penalty. I did not request the coverage, therefore, removing it from my reservation should not be considered a change. Further, Budget will not be losing money by supporting a customer in this incredible situation.

Please consider my situation and request and let me know of your decision at your earliest convenience.


Arthur Newbrough

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