@goavisbudget – Ronald L Nelson – On Saturday June 23, 2018 I rented a car at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport

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On Saturday June 23, 2018 I rented a car at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport. My intent was to return the car to the same location on Thursday, June 28, but due to terrible storms in the forecast, I did not want to drive back from Savannah. I had driven through a storm on Monday, June 25 from Rossville, GA to Savannah and was terrified. I tried calling the budget counter at Atlanta airport 9 times before I could actually talk to someone who could help me. Every time the counter did not pick up I was transferred to another extension and no one could find a rental agreement number. I had to make a decision to change my flight from leaving out of Atlanta to leaving out of Savannah. I am 70 years old, not used to driving in torrential rain and did not want to drive in it again. If I had been able to reach someone earlier, I could have changed my reservation back to the original flight. Budget charged me not only a drop off fee of $180 but .75 per mile that I drove - 593 miles. The contract says will be charged a drop off fee equal to .75 per mile driven. I was charged that and $180.00. I can understand charging the mileage between Savannah and Atlanta since they have to get the car back but I don't understand being charged for the other miles driven. It seems as if Budget is into punishing me for not wanting to drive in a storm. I have been a customer - fastbreak- for over 10 years and never received such poor service. No one out of the 9 people I spoke to could help me. I hope as CEO of the company, you can. Rental Agreement #6348172

Wilma Kozai

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