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Good evening

I am sending this email in hopes of obtaining assistance. I rented a car for pick up on 7/11/2021 at 1:10pm. Upon arrival and picking up the rental and getting in the vehicle I noticed a warning indicator on the dashboard. I took a picture and went back into the agent at which time I informed them that there was a warning signal. I was assured by the agent that although the warning indicator was visible she had looked at the indicator, checked and assure that everything was good with the car. A short distance from the rental site a warning that the tire pressure on the front passenger’s side had 21psi pressure and the other 3 tires had 41psi. I went into a service station to have air put into the tires and spoke with a service agent who warned against driving the car because the tire had a bubble and was unsafe upon visual inspection.
I was going to purchase a new tire and deal with reimbursement when I returned the car but was unable to locate a place that would do that.

After calling budget I was directed to call roadside assistance at 800 354-2847. I spoke with Carlene at roadside assistance and was informed that a tow would be dispatched for a tow of the vehicle and ride share would be arranged to have ride share take us to pick up a new vehicle. After several hours of waiting for the process, I called at 4pm to find out what happened and was informed that they are looking for someone to tow the vehicle and a ride share would be set up. Several hours passed and I made another call at 8pm at which time I was told I would potentially have to wait until the next morning. I informed them of the distress that this was causing because I had been waiting for more than 7 hours and after a long conversation was informed it would be another 1 hour or so and that a replacement car had been located at McArthur Airport and would be held until midnight. The tow would pick up the 1st vehicle by 9:30 - 10:00pm and as soon as the car was picked up to call back the 800 354-2847 to have a ride share sent.

I picked up the replacement at 10:45pm. I am told that the car must be returned with the initial drop time and that is not fair. I am hoping the 7/11/2021 will not be the date used since it was already almost 7/12/2021.

Please call me at (516) 643-5628

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