@goavisbudget – Ronald Nelson – On 8/19, I rented a car in Las Vegas and returned it on 8/24. On

Gloria M. Santiago sent a message to Ronald Nelson that said:

On 8/19, I rented a car in Las Vegas and returned it on 8/24. On 8/21, I was traveling and had a flat tire, I immediately had it fixed but the tech had a very hard time finding the miniature hole on the tire. It seems the tire was defective! I was told by the return person to go upstairs and speak with a supervisor (her name escapes me); she was a plump woman; either Asian or from the Philippines. While waiting for her to come out I overheard a agent with a customer and explained everything in detail about his responsibility; when Anna took care of me I did not receive the same information as him. I told the Supervisor when she came out! Copies of my records and invoice was made and I was told to call customer service after 2 weeks. I have called everyday and left messages and to no avail. I just spoke with a operator by the name of Emily and she's telling me no one will call me back because it was my responsibility. Again, if this was explained to me from the get go I would not be calling! I am very disappointed with Budget and will make sure I NEVER USE YOU AGAIN! AS WELL AS TO TELL EVERYONE NOT TO USE BUDGET! BECAUSE YOU DO NOT DISCLOSE WHAT IS THE DRIVER'S RESPONSIBILITY AT TIME OF RENTING CAR! Not only that but when we arrived we had to change cars two times because it smelled like the previous renter had smoked and the car was not sanitized or cleaned correctly! Shame on your company!

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