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Eddie Dobelstein sent a message to Ian McLeod that said:

Dear Mr. McLeod:

First I want to apologize if the following does not apply to you. If it is of no concern my research is faulty.

I’m writing to express my objection to a current joint advertising campaign presented by Winn-Dixie and Shell Oil. While the actual rewards program is beneficial to consumers, it is the advertising slogan that I find offensive. The slogan “Shell Yeah!” is obviously intended to communicate a vigorous but boorish appreciation of the rewards program. I wish that you, as corporate citizens, had not chosen promote your rewards program with this vulgar expression.

The current trend in our culture to normalize crude and offensive language serves to degrade the quality of human interaction and erodes interpersonal respect. Your use of this slogan plays right into that downhill drift. I believe that large companies and organizations have an inherent responsibility to help elevate the society that buys their products.

As a matter of conscience, I have decided to eliminate Shell from my purchase choices during the “Shell Yeah!” campaign. I haven’t decided about Winn-Dixie yet because, unlike the high density of gas stations near me, my grocery store options are limited without driving further than I want to. This may push me toward more online shopping. Nevertheless, I don’t plan to register for a current reward card.

I recognize that a single complaint is not likely to influence your opinions, policies, or actions. Today when I saw Winn-Dixie cashiers wearing t-shirts emblazoned with “Shell Yeah!” (an in-your-face display), I was compelled to contact you. I merely hope that enough others contact you expressing the same opinion that you will take notice.

Eddie Dobelstein
Birmingham, AL

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