Good afternoon, I am emailing you in regards to a purchase I made online. I – Edward Lampert email address

Tonya Chastain sent a message to Edward Lampert - Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings - Email Address that said:

Good afternoon, I am emailing you in regards to a purchase I made online. I purchased two pairs of my favorite sunglasses only Kmart seems to carry. My order number is 852934580. I received them in a timely manner only to discover upon opening the box I was sent the wrong ones. I ordered frameless ones and these were clearly not the ones I orders they were cheap on had frames. I called customer service and had to explain twice what happened. Then she tells me to return to a store. I explain I live 20 miles one way from a store thats why I ordered online and kmart is at fault here not I. She told me I would be charged $7 to have UPS pick up my incorrect order. I told her that was unexceptable kmart sent me the wrong item. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she tells me I will have to wait at least 30+ minutes for that. I hang up and call back tell the next agent what happened and he takes care of it for me. Ups picked up my items and your warehouse gets it back on 7/27/2017. Here is the tracking number. 1z2w25302697893385 UPS. As of today I still have not gotten a refund. I had to call yet again and provide the tracking number to the agent and he tracked to and initiated the refund telling me it would be another 3-5 business days for me to get it. This whole experience has been a fiasco and I would love to get these sunglasses they are my absolute favorite but I am honestly afraid to try it again given my experience. I just thought you should be informed about what happend. I was a Customer Service Manager for Office Depot for several years and now have my own company and cannot believe the low level of service I received.
Tonya Chastain

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