Good afternoon, I am writing to issue a concern about an agent that represents and – Christopher J Swift email address

CarolAnne Hale sent a message to Christopher J. Swift - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford - Email Address that said:

Good afternoon, I am writing to issue a concern about an agent that represents and is affiliated with your company. I hold an umbrella policy (cars and home) with Jerry Giammona in Danville, California. I was rear ended at the beginning of March and was told by his assistant that I had to file the claim myself with the offending parties insurance company. I was perplexed by this and it was explained to me that if I used my insurance agent to file the claim, my deductible would come into play. Neither of them asked about the accident and therefore did not seem to know/care? that the fault was not mine. I asked if the claim could be filed by them and they responded that they could if I wanted them to but it would be better to file it myself.
I ended up calling and filing the claim myself with Travellers. My statement and that of the offender were entirely in sync and my car is being attended to. I have related this story to many of my colleagues and friends and all of them are equally perplexed by my agents lack of assistance.
Recently, I was told that in California (as I moved from Massachusetts) an accident report had to be filed with the DMV. I emailed Jerry to inquire if this was correct and asked if he could file this for me. He responded by saying yes and sent me a pdf of the form that I needed to fill out. I therefore filed it out myself.
I do not understand this behavior. This agent receives a commission from me and this commission, I assume, pays him to do the work of an agent - which is to represent me in times of accidents. This was not done. I must say that I was directed through the process moreso by Lisa Howell, a rep of The Hartford in Arizona . She called several times to inquire about me and to inquire further about any medical claims that could be made.
It is highly irregular of me to write such a letter, but in this case, I have found this agent and his assistants lack of help maddening and dismissive. They are very poor representatives of a company that espouses customer service.
I shall be shopping for new insurance as soon as this claim is complete, and I wanted you to know why.

My regards,
CarolAnne Hale

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