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Michelle sent a message to Scott Greenstein – president and chief content officer of Sirius XM Radio – Email Address that said:

Good afternoon I didn't want to result to this but I'm am so tired of dealing with your customer service people at Sirrus. Every time I try to renew its a hassel or they screw up and don't bill me correctly or take to much out of my checking account. I've been laid up from surgery and forgot to pay the bill so I spoke to a representative on the 14th and asked to pay bill over the phone to turn it back on for what I owe for the special they sent me in an invoice. Me and my husband was returning from the hospital at this time and on the road so I paid over the phone. I asked the representative if this was the total of what I owed and she said yes that this would extend it out to August. I am now getting another invoice for 19.21 so I called customer service and was told to keep my service on I had to pay it. So I'm confused now because the representatives I spoke to on the 14th told me it was paid. I asked to speak to their manager which I was transferred to he said the floor manager Izeco and would not release his last name to me and very rude. He explained that I was charged for service from March 1st to April 14th and to keep my service on I had to pay the 19.21. He kept staring there were late fees of 5.00 and 2.00 which was ok but did not add up to the 14.00. I told him she was supposed to charge me for my service renewal to get it back on and I was told by the representative that this took care of my account. Why would I pay 14.00 for one month of service and then turn around and pay for the renewal. If this is what she did she did it explain it and told me my payment took care of my account. I asked Izeco to pull the call and he refused.
I know this will not be taken care of and I really don't care anymore. I'm tired of dealing with the hassel it takes to renew my services through your company and probably wont ever be using your services again. Your customer service relations had fallen into the dump. I work for a cell phone company and if I treated our customers this way we would be terminated.

Michelle and Mark

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