Good Afternoon Mr. Agnefjall, I am writing to speak of my experience in the Ottawa – Peter Agne email address

Joyce sent a message to Peter Agne President and CEO, IKEA – email address that said:

Good Afternoon Mr. Agnefjall,

I am writing to speak of my experience in the Ottawa IKEA store.

This past Friday evening I went to the store and found a wonderful sectional sofa that was in "as is" department. I have been searching for a sofa for my small living room, but, none worked or were affordable. This was on sale and as I understand the sofa is being discontinued. I spoke to a customer representative and said, I want to buy it. No, I was told, "this is the floor model" in the "as is" department and we have several in the back that are boxed that must sell before this one. The one's boxed were the right hand side and the one that was out was the left which I said, I would pay for it, and when the others sold, I would just come and pick it up. No, I was told, we cannot hold an item for a customer. I indicated that I was not asking them to hold it, I would pay in full. No, I was told again. I returned again on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. By then, it had boot marks from kids shoes climbing on it and an ice cream stain. So, today, I arrive again and say, is it available.

Yes, so, I am all set to pay and I am told, no, we cannot wait for an hour for you to rent a truck. He actually seemed to find it humorous, that my coming every day was funny and now I had to rent a truck to get it home.

My circumstances are such, I am an older single woman with limited income. I was ready to pay for something, but, was not even offered the courtesy of an hour to rent a truck and come and pick it up.

The sofa is now gone. There was no courtesy to my situation and I was paying for an item in full. It saddens me that the almighty dollar is more important that allowing someone time to get a vehicle to take one of your products home. It is not how I saw your company, but, I do now.

Kind regards,

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