Good Afternoon Mr. Creed,My apologies for having to contact you this matter. I am – Greg Creed email address

Angele McKnight sent a message to Greg Creed Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands Email Address that said:

Good Afternoon Mr. Creed,

My apologies for having to contact you this matter. I am contacting you, due to my son Scott McKnight II has been working with your company at the Taco Bell located in Slidell, Louisiana on Northshore Blvd since October 2017. He has never been written up or missed a day at work. He receive a text from Manager Lawrence Dyson Jr. on 02/10/2018 saying he was fired. I usually try to stay out of my son work issue, until now due to he is 17 and was wrongfully fired. I call to speak with Lawrence at the Taco Bell on Northshore Blvd. and was told he was not in, in turn Ryan the Assistant manager introduced himself. He stated that the scheduled changed three times in this particular week and Lawrence the Manager did not notify his staff of these changes. He confirmed that Scott was not notified of the change, being that Scott work Tuesday -Friday after school and we found out Scott was supposed to be off on Friday 02/09/2018, but yet work with no clue of the change in the schedule. Scott Schedule has been the same for the last three weeks, he works Tuesday- Friday, off Saturday- Monday. Milton(employee) called to ask Scott if he was coming to work on Saturday, 02/10/2018, because the manager was telling him Scott was supposed to be at work.. Scott stated to Milton that he thought he was off and will not make it, due to he was not home. Thats when Scott received a text from Manager Lawrence Dyson stating he was fired. I tried to talk to the manager Lawrence being that Scott had not had any write-ups or missed work in the pass. He was very rude to me and hung up in my face. Lawrence in turn called me back to give me the Area Manager Brians number and stated that yes he hung up on me. I then tried to call the Area Manager Brian, and he wouldnt answer my calls or return them. Lawrence also tried to tell me when Milton (employee) called Scott to see if he was coming in, that Scott hung up on him, I in turned called Milton to ask him if that happened. He stated that did not happen, that the call fail on Miltons end. I have talked to two managers over at the Taco Bell on Northshore, that confirmed that the schedules was changed three times with in one week and no notices was given, they also stated that there was no reason for my son Scott to be fired. Please advise on how to handle this situation as my son does not need this on his record, due to a personal issue that I think Manager Lawrence has against him.

Thank you,
Angele McKnight
(985) 781-3610 Home
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