Good Afternoon Mr. Kislyi, Firstly, let me please apologise for sending an email to you – Victor Kislyi email address

shaka_d sent a message to Victor Kislyi - Founder and CEO, Wargaming - Email Address that said:

Good Afternoon Mr. Kislyi,

Firstly, let me please apologise for sending an email to you. I am not sure if this is your correct address, I googled it out of desperation. I have always felt that there is no-one better to contact than someone at the top of the food chain at a company when you need help after all other efforts fail.

As a brief history, I am a massive fan of your games. I have played World of Tanks since beta and World of Warships since alpha. Being one of your great fans also makes me one of your fiercest critics, because I want the games to continue to be great and get better. To do this I have to be honest and criticise the things I, as a player, think are bad, and the things I think are great. I have always been this way.

One of the joys of being part of Wargamings adventure is being part of the gaming forum community. I have recently been banned from the Warships EU forum for using the word paedo in a sentence in which I disagreed with older people that like anime. I insulted no-one directly and although I have tried to appeal to moderators and even customer support. no-one is assisting me. The moderators are not answering me.

I understand I have made a mistake, I appreciate the need for rules, but these ones were not very clear and the punishment seems very unfair and too severe for someone who has given so much to your company in terms of loyalty and money over the years. I work hard and I play hard, and am not scared to spend my hard-earned money on your games because they provide me with enjoyment and entertainment, but being part of the forums is all part of that for me. I have therefore uninstalled the game because I do not want one without the other. I am sincerely hoping you could intervene on my behalf, but if not, I appreciate your time in reading this.

Thank you for the amazing experience.


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