Good Afternoon Mr Lampert, A supervisor fot the Sears located at International Mall 01715, 1625 – Edward Lampert email address

Ana M Rodriguez sent a message to Edward Lampert - Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings - Email Address that said:

Good Afternoon Mr Lampert,

A supervisor fot the Sears located at International Mall 01715, 1625 NW 107th Avenue,Doral, FL 33172 made an order for me on line on 8/1/17 for the amount of $61.57 which I paid in the stores the same day. Today, 8/7 /17, I received the merchandise with an invoice with a diferent order number where it shows on the top the amount of my purchase $71.94 without the discount of ($14.40) and the taxes $4.03. Then in the bottom shows that total price is $435.67. I went to the store today and asked for the store manager and I waz informed that he was not there today that his name is Mark. The cashier called a supervisor named Carmen Sosa and when she came she informed me that she needed to resolve another issue and that she was coming back and call Sears Customer Solutions Dept in order to help me. She never came back and like in 10 minutes another supervisor came named Maria Febles and I she told me to not worry about it if it was not charged to my credit card. I told her that I was not worry about that, my problem is that with my name and my address clearly says that I owe $435.67. She told me that the store could not help me that I needed to contact 1-800-349-4357. I ask for the assistant of the store manager and Ms Febles informed that she already knew the case and that she agreeded that I need to contact customer service. I called the 1-800 number and they informed me that they could not help me. This is really frustrating that no one can help you. I am really sorry but if I do not here from someone tomorrow I wll place a complaint to the Florida Complaints and Resources with copy of my order receipt and copy of the invoice.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at (305) 332-5740 or via email at

I will really appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Have a great night.

Ana M Rodriguez

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