Good afternoon Mr. Rutledge, I would like a short pleasant conversation with you in regard – Thomas M Rutledge email address

Cheryl Young sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge - Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Good afternoon Mr. Rutledge,

I would like a short pleasant conversation with you in regard to my interaction with your cable company this weekend. I own a property in Maine and was the first person on my block to install cable in my area 25 Years ago. I have endured many cable company changes over the years with each year becoming more challenging. I am a seasonal customer and always have the best possible (expensive package) cable service has to offer. I received an email stating my seasonal service would be reinstated on Friday, May 26th. I decided to call to make sure this would happen. After 5 different associates and 55 minutes of my time I was told it would happen. Unfortunately not. Memorial Day is the first big weekend to set off summer and after yet another 55 minutes (6 person) call, I was told I didnt even have cable service. (Ridiculous)!! I pay $10.89 monthly to hold my box so your people can just flip a switch. So....a house full of children, a house full of men and women who would have liked to watch a show/movie as the nights were very chilly were not able to do so through the incompetence of your staff. Before I contact the BBB, I thought Id reach out to you for a resolve. This is more than unacceptable.....the run around, the comedy of errors, the broken promises, the Gold Package I was offered then reneged .....simple ridiculous and unprofessional. My son and son-in-law work from Maine during the summer as I also had internet service. There is so so much more than this with their unexplained incompetence. Please respond as I am one of your best customers who brought my entire community to cable service.
My Best,
Cheryl Young

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