Good afternoon Mr. Yanagi! My name is Dantes and I am a HUGE fan – Hiroyuki Yanagi email address

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Good afternoon Mr. Yanagi!

My name is Dantes and I am a HUGE fan of Yamaha motors! =]

Everything that comes from Yamaha is amazing and is usually a ton of fun!

I'm emailing you today because I own and love my 2015 Yamaha Bolt and I care very deeply for it. This is my second Bolt and I've owned it for a little over a year. Lately I've been hearing a sound that has been concerning me and the health of bike. I only hear it when the bike is moving at 15-16 MPH and I took the bike in on April 16th 2016, I remember because that was my birthday, to the Bert's Mega Mall where I purchased the bike brand new. I told them my concerns and with a quick examination and a burst of air from a compressor to the brake rotor, they told me the bike was probably ok and that I shouldn't worry. Well the sound has not gone away and I am still worried that it could be an issue with my transmission and I took the bike in because it was still under warranty. I am afraid now that because I didn't press harder for my bike to get PROPERLY inspected, my bike is out of warranty and I will have to pay for my bike to be fixed for a problem that should have been covered when I brought the bike in for maintenance originally on 4-16-2016. Is there anyway I can possibly get the bike looked at and if there is an issue, get it covered by the Yamaha manufacture's warranty?

Thank you so much!
- Dantes

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