Good Afternoon, My name is Bonnie, I live in Denton Texas, and I’m going – Nicolas Berggruen email address

Bonnie sent a message to Nicolas Berggruen – Chairman of Berggruen Holdings email address that said:

Good Afternoon,

My name is Bonnie , I live in Denton Texas, and I'm going to start off by apologizing for sending this email, let alone its not formal. I know that you are very busy , I know that you have a Family and Other responsibilities, and I'm sorry for sending my personal problems, I'm sure that you get letters or emails daily, I have ran out of options, I have contacted several churches and agencies, foundations are lenthy and have time tables, but my time has run out, if you have any questions please ask, or you can google my name to see the nightmare I have to live.

for starters Im a single mother of 4 beautiful children, but our nightmare began almost 3 years ago,( 2013 ) I had lost my youngest son to a Hunting incident, he was 18 years old and a Senior in High school at Guyer High, Loved ball and hunting and being with family and friends I had just gone back to work part time doing private Home health care for an elderly lady, I love taking care of people, its rewarding in so many ways. I would love to get more education to become a nurse, but I really need to focus on getting out of this hole, while I was off of work, I had made some poor choice, they seemed right at the time, because bills piled up and couldn't lose the home we rent, I took out a title loan on my car and my daughters car, ( I know not a good idea ) and they do NOT wait on payments, I'm 24 days past due, and afraid they will repo my cars, and they can at anytime, I have been in and out of court with my x husband for support, that he didn't show up so they put out a warrant for him, he doesn't help with anything ! 16 years I have been divorced and the only way to get him to do anything is through court,

my lease is up in November and they plan to put the house on the market, I do have option to purchase this home that I want to stay in, I cant see myself packing my sons room up, I feel comfortable in this house, and I'm working on my credit, and have been searching online for investors, and came across you in the list, maybe this isn't the best way, but I have my fingers crossed to at least to stay positive for my kids, My world has been so derailed, and each day we try and live through my son, I have No one else to ask, lost my mother in 2000, my father has health issues,

I'm not seeking a hand out, I'm seeking a Helping hand, please by any means if you can just respond to me about this email, I don't want any trouble, I don't expect any one to pay my bills, I can sign any contract, I can pay back a small amount monthly, I just don't want to lose anything I cant afford too, I have pawned/sold off all that I can and this daily stress is tearing me up, its not a quick fix or a band aide, I have been raising my children on my own with little help but I'm doing it and have done it, its hard to stay focused and positive when the struggle and hurt is unreal, I'm trying to get back to full time with in the next few weeks,

Thank you for your time and again I'm sorry and I do send this email with hopes and tons of Prayers and Faith to get a response, Please I'm not trying to scam anyone, I'm so stressed, the end of the month is coming quickly and rent is due, I don't want to lose anything, Hope to hear from you, Thank you

Have a Blessed Day,



these are the things I pay monthly,

$1200.00 rent I'm sure that the listing price will be $200,00 if there was a way I would do it

water bill $ 145.00 ( city of Denton Water )

sprint bill $ 165.00 ( Cell Phone )

electric bill $ 245.00 ( coserv )

2013 Hyundia Elantra title Loan pay off is $6856.00 monthly payment is $855 but it not going down with the minimum

2006 Mazda 3 title loan pay off is $4341.71 monthly payment is 749.13 same as my car and they add late fees daily

these are title loans, NOT bank loans ( Lone star title Loan in Denton ), what I need assistance with is these car title loans, its just piling up interest, please let me know


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