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Good Afternoon:

Im writing to make you aware of my situation as it pertains to my 2014 Ultra Classic. I purchased this bike from your dealer in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. This is 3 hours away from my home in Charleston, SC. I choose this dealership as I have not had a good relationship with my local dealer, which is owned by the same man that owns the Myrtle Beach dealership. The Myrtle Beach operation is outstanding in customer service and I trust their service department completely.

After purchasing the bike there were several recalls which I promptly took care of. The one which identified an issue with saddle bags disengaging, I took to my local Charleston dealer as the three hour ride seemed to just not make sense for a quick fix.

Two months ago, on the way to the Myrtle Beach dealership for a 10,000 mile check-up. The right rear bag fell off the bike. It was heavily damaged. When I got to the dealership they checked the mechanism that holds the bag in place and said it had not been changed.

Odd, because I have a receipt from the dealership in Charleston that say otherwise. Myrtle Beach check their company wide database and found that sure enough, it was serviced for the recall and they submitted the claim to Harley. They got paid, Im sure.

I called Harley customer service and advised them of the issue. They said they will replace the portion of the bag that was damaged, and that they would take the undamaged parts from the old bag and put them on the new one. I agreed. They advised me at that time that there would be a cost for labor to replace the equipment that Harley would provide. I did not then and I do not now, feel that this was right. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I got a person who was not very helpful or sympathetic to my situation. He frankly said that they, Harley Davidson was not responsible for their dealers mistakes. I find this very odd, as the dealers mistakes greatly effect the reputation of the whole company. I fully expected to walk out of the dealership and not pay one dime, as this was the fault completely of the dealership that represents you, Harley Davidson. Last week when I picked up the bike I payed $435.00 for labor and one directional light that I added to the bag after the original purchase as a result of adding a Tour Pack removal kit. I guess I can live with that. But really sir, do you think this is fair to have to pay the labor? Is this really Harley Davidsons philosophy with regards to its dealers mistakes and oversights and they take no responsibility for their actions.

I respectfully request that you look into this fully documented situation and please advise me of your thoughts. I did not pursue any legal routes as Im sure your customer service manager was fully aware and understands completely that it would not have been financially prudent on my part, to do so. As such I took the deal that was offered and decided to take this avenue to express my frustration with the company and the dealership that represents it.


John Nelson

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