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Good day.

actually I am just interested in my life. usually they told me to look into the bright future. And always I have seen my life where there was money. I have worked like a horse since i was 12 years old. always trying to find extra cash here and there. All my summer I was working for 10-12 hours so I could feel rich for other 9 months.
when I was 13 my mom told me that I should find some peace in my life and travel. Well, and just in that time I found out that the salary on the ship as an officer wasnt that small. I finished maritime school in Slovenia. I was always one of the best students in the class. Already from the young age I knew that I will need to know other language. So I learnt English, Croatian, Italian and still trying to learn myself Russian and Spanish.
After finishing Marine school i wanted to earn some money on the ship. I went to work for a company named Splošna Plovba as a cadet.
There I was working one year on a 189m long bulk ship named Tamar. I learnt a thing or two. In this time I visited a big part of Atlantic ocean, Mediterranean and black sea.
But every where I went I found out that no matter poor or rich, a person will always need fuel. No matter is it a 25$ motor bike in Lagos or a 250000$ car in Miami.
So actually now that I am trying to find new ways of making money on the internet i Decided to make the biggest and probably impossible new step in my life.
I would like to be part of the giant companies like yours. Try to rise as high as possible and make money in the process.
I would like to ask you for the possibility to start working as an apprentice in your company. Let bigger people like you to show me how to step out from the crowd and be someone bigger

Best regards

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