Good day, firstly I want to thank you for a great team of employees, very – John B Koch email address

Evette A Allen sent a message to John B. Koch, Chief Executive Officer and President, PODS Enterprises, Inc. email address that said:

Good day, firstly I want to thank you for a great team of employees, very caring and understanding. This is my second time using your companies service, absolute pleasure.
So here is my problem due to the loss of my teaching position, which led to my eviction from my apartment of 10 years, I had fallen behind on my payments, but I was able to catch up each time, so when I requested my payment amount I believe back in Nov 2016 I was quoted the wrong amount, but I wasnt aware of this until a rep called me and told me I believe Dec. 2017 that I was carrying a balance of $1000 after I paid them $2000. So I believed we came to an agreement to catch up which I was fine with, but now I was told no agreement and began receiving letters about auction action.
Oh I forgot to share great news after 3 years I was able to land a teaching position at a HS in Queens as of Nov 2017 Yeah!! Besides all of that I was keeping up with my payments despite prior job loss.
So what I am asking you is there any possible way to fix this problem that I would not have had if the wrong amount was never quoted to me.
Since my employment status has dramatically change I can maintain my payments and I am looking for an apartment, so hopefully I was planning to be out before this November 2018.
Please Please help and guidance pertaining to this..
I can be reached 5169022099..

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