Good Day, I don`t know if you will receive this message on your direct e-mail address – Peter D Hancock email address

Plessis sent a message to Peter Hancock President and Chief Executive Officer of AIG Email Address that said:

Good Day

I don`t know if you will receive this message on your direct e-mail address, however, my brother has a policy with AIG which he obtained in May 2015. He has been in an accident in America 28 August 2015 but apparently the policy is depleted and we have no way of funding his return flight back to South Africa. The costs originally for the air ambulance is about R 1 700 000.00 but since we last spoke to AIG, his condition change for the better dramatically. He is now able to sit upright for about an hour and has even started to walk with assistance from the hospital nurses. According to the doctors at the hospital he can be flown back to SA by commercial flight in first class as he still needs to lay down during the flight. The total costs for the flight will accumalate to about 38 000 US dollars which is about R 570 000.00. I would appreciate it incredibly if you can maybe reconsider funding the flight. The costs decreased a lot from the original costs that was claimed on the policy which was rejected. Please reconsider as this is a sensitive matter and we would like to get him home as soon as possible to be rehabilitated.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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