Good day James E. Meyer, I am a Salon owner in Northern Bergen County, NJ – James Meyer email address

Robin  sent a message to James E. Meyer CEO, Sirius XM Radio Inc. that said:

Good day James E. Meyer,
I am a Salon owner in Northern Bergen County, NJ. I have been a customer of Sirius for the past 10 years. We have been enjoying Sirius Radio for the duration of our time here. I am writing to you because I have been trying to put the Holiday channel(18) on and it now skips from channel 17-19. I actually called your customer service, and after an outrageously rude questioning, was told that there was an update and I now realize that we are missing several channels. We've always prepaid for all your channels over these ten years, and we were NOT told about any update that would require an additional purchase. If I am paying for all channels I would like to have all channels without additional costs. As a longstanding customer I feel incredibly compromised with this unacceptable business etiquette. I was not told about this additional purchase and I feel that I have been a faithful customer, and as a prepaid subscriber I fully believe I should receive all the channels I am paying for. I hope that your company sends me this receiver that I should have been told about long before it was necessary- so that I can enjoy the services I've loved for years.

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