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Good day Mr. Agnefjall. I am a consumer who has on many occasions purchased – Peter Agne email address

Mark sent a message to Peter Agne President and CEO, IKEA that said:

Good day Mr. Agnefjall.

I am a consumer who has on many occasions purchased fine quality furniture from the Vaughan location in Ontario. I've always been treated with great customer service and a smile.

Unfortunately this letter/email is not to highlight that. I have been to the actual location on about 4 occasions in the past 15 days to look, determine and decide on two beds for both my daughter and myself which had been highlighted as 15% off until Sept 07). During those visits we have purchased other things to help with furnishing our new townhome and also decided to eat at the location due to our long stays inside the showroom.

As careful shoppers (yes, my 11 YO daughter is that too) we decided after careful consideration to choose a bedframe each and to go on the Monday (Sept 07) to order and pay and grab a bite to eat. We were disappointed to learn that the location was closed and were unable to purchase at the advertised sale price which again clearly specified up to Sept 07).

I placed a phone call into the location on Tuesday Sept 08 of which I wanted to explain the situation and to have the promotion honored. I was met with a rather quick negative response in that I was told nothing could be I'm glossing over some of the conversation however the key points to my disdain and disappointment are that it was commented on that I had 28 days to decide (which is an insinuation and my perception of "why did it take you that long to decide" which I resent. The second comment was that I was told that I could have purchased online. I have just moved and have accumulated many charges on my credit card and would not have been able to had it approved WHICH I'm not happy having to explain myself of my financial schedule. I asked on several occassions to speak with a Manager of which was finally made available to me only to repeat the situation. Oksana, the Customer Service Manager was kind enough to hear my complaint albeit still initially quick to say there weren't many options at this point (stating the location of interest would not honour) and after some back and forth was willing to offer a $75.00 gift card. The gift card although a nice gesture isn't really a fix in the matter as the amount is less than what the savings would be if I had purchased the two bed frames. What is also lost on all of this is I needed a mattress for one of the beds, a dresser, a night table that matches the other bedframe (MALM) , a sofa and chaise lounge along with matching chair (KIVIK) a work desk (MICKE) and area carpet. So in essence, what has been lost is about approximately $2000.00 - $2200.00 in a total sale give or take a bit but even more so is the lost of a good customer!

The promotion clearly stated "to September 07"!

I feel that my concern is/was brushed under the carpet with a gift card offer. Having worked with some of the leading luxury brands in the automotive business that this would not be handled in such a matter.

I do hope that other customers are not serviced as poorly or led to believe of one thing when in reality they are to decipher another meaning!

Very Disappointed

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