Good Day Mr. Raines, My name is Nick Renesis with Sentext Solutions. We are – J Paul Raines email address

NIck Renesis sent a message to J. Paul Raines - Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation - Email Address that said:

Good Day Mr. Raines,
My name is Nick Renesis with Sentext Solutions. We are a nationwide company that helps tens of thousands of businesses bring their existing customers back in to their stores multiple times each and every month. We work with independent restaurants, retail boutiques, mens fashion, cigar shops and many restaurant chain franchisees such as Carrabbas, Dairy Queen, Mc Donalds, Subway and many more. I was in one of your stores recently and thought Game Stop could benefit from the service we provide. We are essentially a permission based texting company. Your customers would merely text a Keyword to a particular number and be automatically enrolled in to your system. Since everyone has a cell phone today, Sentexts research has shown that unlike read email percentages at about 20%, 99% of everyone who receives a text, reads it within 5 minutes. When people sign up to be a VIP member of Game Stop, they would receive anything Game Stop would like to offer such as pre ordering for upcoming game releases or a discount for certain games when they come in to a store and show the text. These are but 2 examples of how Game Stop could bring their customers back in their stores multiple times every month. In addition, your existing customers are likely to tell their friends, who would also sign up to become VIP members. This all can be linked to any other social media like Facebook or Twitter. All Game Stop would have to do is display beautiful signage with your logo created by our graphics department for customers to sign up. It would be my pleasure to speak to you or whomever you may direct me to about our company and the terrific return on the investment made to bring your loyal customer back to your stores more often. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you.

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