Good day Mr.Tirador, it is unfortunate that your companyrsquo;s claim representatives along with – Gabriel Tirador email address

Brenda Pitts sent a message to Mr. Gabriel Tirador, President of Mercury General Corporation- email address that said:

Good day Mr.Tirador, it is unfortunate that your companys claim representatives along with their supervisor has engaged in unfair settlement practices.

These individuals Jessica Trent, Marie Davis ,Richard Humphreys, Heather Howard, and Supervisor Rebecca Walton have provided unbelievable breaches of dealing in good faith with my personal injury claim...

Their failure to conduct a reasonable investigation with respect to my claim by refusing to pay it; failure to provide a reasonable explanation for delay or denial of the claim; failure to attempt in good faith to
effectuate a prompt,fair, and equitable settlement even though your insurer was liability to pay had become reasonably clear...

It has reached the point of filing a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance... Your companys representatives and refusal to honor its obligations under the policy that the person who caused this has legal obligations that are imposed by several conditions;
1. The insured must be legally obligated to pay damages 2. The damages resulted from “bodily injury” or “property damage” 3. The policy must apply to the “bodily injury” or “property damage” and it did.

Your prompt attention in this matter will be greatly appreciated...

Brenda Pitts

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