Good day sir, it is with regret that I type this message. I have for – Kazuo Hirai email address

Muhammed sent a message to Kazuo Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation – email address that said:

Good day sir, it is with regret that I type this message. I have for many years believed in the Sony brand and that the brand stood for the highest levels of quality. From the many television sets, hi fi systems, Walkmans, discman players, digital cameras,car audio equipment, Sony PlayStations 1,2,3,4 and many many Sony mobile fones that I have purchased in the last 10 years, I am truly disappointed in the overall build quality of the recent range of Sony Z series phones. I have become accustomed over the years to expect a certain level of quality from the brand which totally lacks from the Z3 series of phones. The poor service received from Sony after many years of being a loyal supporter of the brand, I will no longer purchase a Sony product for my car, home or personal use. I feel that as a consumer, I have been a loyal supporter and when I needed the brand to step up and accept responsibility they were not interested. I have spent many many many of my hard earned cash only to receive a kick to the curb.

I trust that you are aware of my grievance and can address the issue within your organisation. After all your many resources are all aimed at pleasing the consumer.


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