Good evening and Happy Holidays to you…Forget about the many years of purchases at – Marvin R Ellison email address

Peter  sent a message to Marvin R. Ellison President of J. C. Penney Company Inc.- email address that said:

Good evening and Happy Holidays to you...Forget about the many years of purchases at JCP. I need you to understand me...I am 64 yrs. old and was raised "right" in Rhode Island by incredibly loving parents, grandparents, etc., and have had a very successful career as an Investment Wealth Manager. I have ALWAYS worn pajamas, plain and simple. I, for many many years, have received several sets of pajamas during the holiday season from JCP, but a number of years ago with much changes to JCP , I no longer can find replacement pajamas that are the quality and make of those that I current have. I want STAFFORD Essentials Sleepwear XXL/XXG CLASSIC FIT, 60/40 blend. I DO NOT WANT string tie waist which NO one likes...I want elastic waist with two button SNAP one likes the regular waist buttons either. I served my country for 18 years and the least you can do is bring back these wonderful fitting pajamas. I can even send you a set for your review, and, you will see the quality and comfort that these "old pjs" provide me. I do not know how long I have on this troubled planet, as I have been ill, but the least I should be able to ask is to purchase a comfortable pair of pajamas...I sounds silly, but I have been looking for pajamas like the "old JCPs, and they are just not there....period. Sadly, as I am too familiar with corporate communications having been in the financial planning business for so long, you, will probably never see this email....and, in the world of things, my request is so unimportant, when you consider the distressful world picture at large. Respectfully, Peter

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