Good evening Dear Andreotti, I apologize if I dare to contact her, have Fiorini Claudia – Lamberto Andreotti email address

Claudia sent a message to Lamberto Andreotti – Chairman and Board of Directors of Bristol-Myers Squibb – Email Address that said:

Good evening Dear Andreotti,
I apologize if I dare to contact her, have Fiorini Claudia, and I have some problems to expose them.
Despite I am giving a lot to do in the search for a job I can not find anything.
Monday, 25 April I turned 30; I imagined as a child at this age with a position, a job that would allow me to sustain myself and help my parents, but unfortunately it is not.
I am here to appeal to His goodness and ask you to help me find a job as soon as it is in my area, this is not the life I want, I want to be an honest citizen, to pay taxes, maybe buy me a car and a house one day, making sacrifices, but being able to do these things on my own instead of seeing scroll my life without being able to accomplish anything, given the lack of income.
In my area there are many companies but my dream would be to become part of the Bristol Myers Squibb in Anagni, where I worked for about three years.
I appeal to your good heart, he's asking it to him as a daughter asks for help to his dad.
Put one hand on heart, I am a simple girl who asks a stable job.
I'm desperate, I'm afraid that this situation leads me to depression because despite my strong character so I never got into trouble without seeing no way out.
If possible one day when it's here in Italy I'd love to meet you to make them better understand my discomfort.

I trust in you and confidently expect a positive response.
I leave a telephone number at home
and my cell phone

Cordial greetings


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