Good Evening Dear Mr.House,I’m a fan of Yours products, and i’m write to – Andrew House email address

Manlio sent a message to Andrew House President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. that said:

Good Evening Dear Mr.House,
I'm a fan of Yours products, and i'm write to You for Just few question. I'm a Italian guy that right now i work here in London in the kitchen for save some money for go in the university for computer science ( i would like be a developer of games for Sony), and today i went to the Your studio in Great Malborough street for know a good university where i can go for be part of Yours Staff, but they didn't know which university is good fo computer science. Now i'm write to You if May can suggested to me which course and which university is good for be part of Your staff. I know that before i need a experience before start to be part of Your staff. I hope that i can find some answer to You. Thank's for your time and i hope a beautiful evening.

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