Good evening Glen, My name is Krystina . I am – Glen F Post III email address

Krystina sent a message to Glen F. Post, III Chief Executive Officer of CenturyLink, Inc. Email Address that said:

Good evening Glen,

My name is Krystina I am emailing you in regards to the disrespectful manner that I was spoken to and the lies that I was told by your customer service employees.

I called centurylink in June to ask about activating services in my home. The employee that I spoke with was nice enough and offered me a 100Mbps speed with no contract stating that it was a deal that your company was currently having.

I was thrilled as my fiance and I were to be moving in a few months anyway.

That time has now come and when I called the local office for a disconnection (we would have taken you with us but you unfortunately do not offer services in our new area yet) I was met with very rude customer service associates who kept transferring me and putting me on hold for hours on end. These same associates then told me that I had a contract, even though I had not signed up for one.

When I tried to explain that I did not have a contract they accused me of lying and would not put me on with their manager when I asked. Instead they kept talking to me in a rude and unprofessional manner.

When an escalation employee came on his name is James:  he also accused me of lying and would not work with me to resolve the issue. Instead he raised his voice multiple times and would not let me speak. He also tried to charge us for all of the discounts that were applied to our account for our monthly rates and considered this to be a deal. James would not put us on with management and said qoute "no one is going to offer you anything better"

When my fiance tried to speak with him James still would not help in any way and was still implying that we were lying.

needless to say Glen we are so very frustrated with the service that we have received with your associates that I am almost in tears and even though we had discussed becoming customers of centurylink again in the future this interaction has made us doubt that decision. The money is not the issue here, it is the way we were treated and for the false sales messaging given by your representatives which led to this situation.

This is why I am writing in the hope that you can help us resolve this issue.

Thank you

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