Good evening I am writing about a product that I had bought. My whole adult – Jeff M Fettig email address

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Good evening I am writing about a product that I had bought. My whole adult life I have never bought a brand new washer or dryer a few years ago I shopped around asked around family and friends they told me of this place to go get good appliances I went there with my husband and we both fell in love with the Crosley washer and dryer one we love that they were USA for one and all the other features they had and the warranty and how energy efficiency it is. so it took me a few months working and saving I got the washer first then worked more and saved and a month later got the dryer I worked my butt off and saved to pay 786.53 for the washer and then 700.32 for the dryer my husband works but that's for main bills and if I wanted the brand new ones had to work more and for me to do that is hard see I have Multiple Sclerosis and its very hard for me to get around at times and have had over 100 surgeries over the past20 plus years for cancer and other stuff and I'm not telling you all this for sympathy I want you to understand were Im coming from. and my mind was set on this appliance set so I did what I had to do well I finally got the washer first and a few weeks after I got it it started acting up so called the place were I got it and they came out to fix it and long story short is that it keeps breaking and breaking they put parts in and keeps breaking and getting worse and now since last week it doesn't even wash it wont clean and the noise that comes from it is horrible and loud I have to take clothes to laundry mat which makes my skin crawl I cant afford to keep doing this I'm not working anymore and I cant afford to keep going to the laundry mat every day I payed a lot of money to get theses and I cant even use it It might not be a lot of money to you but for me it is I don't know what else to do. If I don't get results I have no other options but to contact the BBB and the Attorney General. Thank you for your time have a good day I will not be available tomorrow I am going into the hospital for another surgery not sure if i'll stay in for a day or to or more depends on how it goes . also just to let you know I keep all my applianices and house spotless and everything looks brand new still . Have a good day.

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