Good evening Mr. Mansell I felt strongly about this to write you. I must say – Kevin Mansell email address

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Good evening Mr. Mansell;
I felt strongly about this to write you. I must say I love shopping at Kohl's. I find I have not been shopping as much at Kohl's due to the frustration that I have regarding the Kohls Cash. When I shop I always use my Kohl's charge. When I get the Kohl's Cash it has a very short life and store will not accept it after the expiration date. I have lost out on a lot of money. I cannot always get back to the store in that time period. I have a full time career with Capital One, the majority of my free time I volunteer as The Committee Chair for one of the largest Boy Scout Troops in the area (73 scouts and 21 leaders) and the other time is spent taking care of my home and family. I know it is profitable for Kohl's to have a short period of time for the coupons so they might expire before I (and how many others) can come back in. While you may profit, I am now considering shopping elsewhere that will take the money off at the point of purchase or send me a coupon that has a great amount of time before it will expire. One thing I know, is that if you have good service everything else will fall into place. I do not feel like this is good service. It would only take an adjustment to the expiration dates to make happier customers. Other than this I do like Kohl's, but am not getting the value of my hard earned money when my reward feels like deception to make a sale and then is rejected when I finally do come back. Making a customer feel valued can go a long way. Thank you for reading my letter.


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